Observations on Dog Beds

Are you looking for a new dog bed, but not sure what will work best for you and your dog? I’ve been on the hunt for the world’s greatest dog bed forever!

Below is a synopsis of the dog beds that have worked best for me over the years.

Kuranda Dog Beds

Kurandas and expensive, but wear like iron and they’re easy to assemble. (Trust me, if I can do it, anyone can.)

The frame is elevated so the dogs aren’t on cold/hot cement, and they are indestructible. In fact, I recommended this bed to a co-worker with a one year old Husky. She caught him on video as he grabbed the mesh with his teeth and pulled straight up. He couldn’t tear it. I also love the fact that the mesh is easy to clean. Puppy pee, diarrhea and vomit, it all comes off with soap, a brush and a lot of water.

Unless you only have small dogs, don’t bother with the small beds. Little dogs like big beds, and big dogs can’t fit on small beds. I didn’t care for the extra large size. It takes up a huge amount of space in the pen and is a bit saggy in the middle. (Though, to be fair, a friend helped me assemble it and we forgot to put in the two extra support pieces.)

If you use this bed in a pen, be careful with the placement of the water dish. My dogs have kicked it under the bed, and then they couldn’t get a drink.

Kinsey posing on one of my many Kuranda dog beds.

Large CostCo Dog Beds

These beds easily fit my 65 pound lab, Kinsey. She can stretch out when she’s hot, or curl up when she’s cold. I’ve had these beds with different fillings. I wouldn’t recommend the cedar filled because when I had cats, they would urinate on them. One pee and it went into the trash. The beds I have now are filled with stuffing and covered with fabric that’s towel like on one side and a thick fabric on the other. The beds are around thirty dollars, an excellent value for the size, but they only look good for about six months. The fabric snags and fades, and unless the material is dark, it ends up with stains.

Kinsey and Rook sharing a new Cost Co dog bed.
After about a year, the fabric looks too worn to keep in the house.

Memory Foam CostCo Dog Beds

These are on the more expensive end of CostCo beds, about seventy dollars, and worth the money. They’re so comfortable my two year old niece likes to lay on them to watch television! Plus, they’re big enough for two sixty pound dogs or one extra large dog.

The covers do come off so you can throw them in the washing machine. But, since I hate removing them and putting them back on again, I’ve started to throw a blanket over the top of the bed and wash that instead.

dog-bed-reviewCostCo Memory Foam Bathmat

These are the least expensive option, costing less than fifteen dollars. They stay in place on my tile floor and are easy to wash. My big dogs can’t spread out on them, but it gives them enough padding that they stay off the furniture. They also work nicely as a little padding in a plastic crate. (Don’t use them with puppies because they’re very fun to shred. Puppies get an empty crate or an old towel.)

This is Lucy, my sister’s dog, on a memory foam bathmat. She’s about 50 pounds.

Small Soft Beds for Little Dogs

I find Quincy beds on clearance at places like Ross Dress for Less. They keep the furniture clean, though little dogs tend to stay cleaner overall. To be honest, the main reason I buy them is they’re SUPER CUTE. Really, that’s why I have a little dog—flowered collars and fluffy beds.

If you have a big dog and a little dog, your little dog bed may not stay cute for long. My big dogs stuff themselves into the little beds, crunch them down and make them smelly. (If you didn’t know, big dogs ruin everything.) In fact, my working dogs love kill the little beds and pull the stuffing out because they’re close enough to the size of a stuffed animal. Once, after a quick shower, I came out to a living room full of stuffing. Thanks to Kinsey and Rook, a twenty-five dollar Quicy bed went into the trash. That was one of the mornings I wished I didn’t have dogs.


I hope the information helps, and I’ll keep my eye out for the next latest, greatest dog bed.










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