Review: Dog Collars

I’ve purchased 10 dog collars from Amazon since 2012. This doesn’t include collars I’ve picked up at pet stores, discount stores or received as gifts. Below is a review of every collar I can remember. (Amazon helped me out with this. They do a lovely job with record keeping.)

Nope, I wouldn’t buy it again…

All Style No Stink, Dublin Dog Co.

I bought this because Kinsey is always going into the water and it made her collars smell like mildew. The name is accurate. The rubber never did stink. Unfortunately, after a couple of weeks, it rubbed the fur off her neck and irritated her skin. I gave it away.

eco-Lucks, Dublin Dog Co.

This one was for Quincy, made from recycled materials. Cute, but relatively expensive and didn’t look good long enough to be worth the money.


Big, bulky and stiff with a lot of velcro unless your dog’s neck closer to the 24 inch length than the 21 inch length. Plus, it was hard to get on and off.

Lupine 1-inch

It looked cuter online than in person. The design was childish and the collar material was too stiff.

Kong Comfort

I bought this collar in red to match Kinsey’s service vest. After about 10 times through the washing machine it had a bunch of tiny snags and the color faded. (I bought this collar at Petco. Only on a rare occasion will I buy an item that isn’t Amazon Prime.)

Ruffwear Knot a Collar

This is a unique collar, great as decoration on a well trained dog. It’s useless if you need to restrain your dog. There’s simply not enough width to it. I also struggled with getting the tag attached, and then it fell off.

dog collars
Ruffwear Knot a Collar

Yep, I’d buy it again…

Buckle Down Pink Camo

I picked it because it’s unique–pink camo with a buckle like a seat belt. Kinsey wore it for over a year. My only complaint was the buckle. After about ten trips through the washing machine and numerous dips in the water because Kinsey loves to swim, it began to rust and stick. Spraying it with WD40 helped.

Ruffwear Hoopie

I got this one for Quincy in July 2013, but she’s not as hard on her collars as Kinsey. It’s worn well and is still bright. I also just bought one in a larger size in red for Sherlock.

dog collars
Ruffwear Hoopie

dog collars

dog collars

dog collars


RC Pet Products 

I bought my first one in August 2015. The colors are vibrant after at least 15 trips through the washing machine. The clip is in excellent condition, and very easy to take on and off. I love the one I got in purple so much, I ordered Kinsey the collar below a couple of weeks ago. Bright colors, cute designs and it wears well–my absolute favorite!

dog collars


I’ve had great success with ordering Paw Print Jewelry through Amazon. I put the instructions for the tag in the gift information section when I place my order. (Once I forgot, and they sent me an email within 24 hours.) The tags are simple, cute and easy to read. As a bonus, they come in so many colors that I can match them to my dog’s collar! My only complaint is the rings that come with the tags don’t last. They bend out of shape and then the tag falls off. So, I ordered a set of metal split rings. They’re much stronger and keep the tag securely on the collar.

Update on the metal split rings: They only work with some tags because they’re so thick. I’m going to try these nickle plated rings next, they appear to be thinner.

There you have it! My favorite dog collar and tag combo!

Happy shopping!

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