Seven Links for Sunday

Seven Links for Sunday

Good Morning. I hope that this Sunday of Labor Day Weekend finds you calm, happy and satisfied. If not, then I hope, at least, that your weather is fine. Southern California has a high today of 82 and a chance of rain on Thursday. Not sure I believe it. It never rains in September.

This weekend marks the one year anniversary of my blog. I’ve had 4, 577 hits. Some of them my own, I admit, as I check to see if an update on my site appears as it should. Managing a website has helped me grow, and taught me that you can learn anything on YouTube.

Seven Links for Sunday
Nikko, the original Superdog, is ten now.


Below are seven links for this lovely Sunday.

  1. Have you heard? Dogs can understand tone and meanings of words.
  2. How did scientists figure this out? They had to train dogs to hold still for seven minutes inside an fMRI scanner. This is how they did it.
  3. This 12 year old is at Cornell! Cute as button, and already fluent in two languages. Perhaps he’ll make a guest appearance on Big Bang?
  4. A friend of mine asked me to take a 31 day organizational challenge with her. She texts me my assignment each day. Day one? Folding laundry for ten minutes. Simple, right? The funny thing is, I’ve started to look forward to each new task! You can do it too! 
  5. I thought this article about Google was quite interesting. They may go the way of Apple, with more control of Nexus devices.
  6. Anthropology is have 40% off sale items this weekend! I ordered these earrings! And yes, unfortunately, I had to pay for shipping.
  7. Do you like bananas? I took these banana muffins to dog training last Sunday, and not one came home. Not too surprising, as the recipe has over 9,000 positive reviews. Even better, it’s very simple!

May the rest of your weekend be peaceful. 🙂

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