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Status Check: Meeting My Favorite Blogger

Is it clear I have an obsession with dogs? I think so. I hope so. But my other obsession is food, which is not so clear from this blog. Eating, cooking, baking–I love it all. So, when I heard Sally of Sally’s Baking Addiction planned to bring her book tour to San Diego, I went online and bought tickets IMMEDIATELY. Like, back in October because I feared the event would sell out.

I couldn’t believe it! My favorite blogger Sally was coming to California!

Calm down and bake.

And it was an event. Not just a book signing. Chocolate. Cheese. Three flutes of wine. A lesson on fair trade chocolate. Rules about when we could taste what. Very elegant. It was, in fact, a multi-sensory experience.

When my sister and I walked into Eclipse Chocolate Bar I was SO EXCITED. I saw Sally! I nodded hello! Again, a wave of EXCITEMENT.

How old am I?

We took our seats and the chocolate, cheese and wine lesson began. I tried to listen, but Sally came and sat down next to us! She asked me if I liked her blog, and how I discovered it. I told her I Googled orange cranberry bread and was hooked. She listened, was kind. I kept my crazy in check.

We ate. Cave aged cheddar with salted caramel and a flute of Annabella Chardonnay was my absolute favorite of the three. The caramel with Smoked Serrano Sea Salt, the sharp bite of the cheddar, followed by the crisp pear honey flavor of the wine? Seriously. AMAZING.

Then Sally spoke. Blogging, baking and candy making. She started her blog as a hobby, said she was embarrassed by her first posts but kept them up to remind herself how far she’d come. She said she couldn’t believe people cried when they met her. She didn’t know what to do. Offer a tissue? A hug? She told us she plans to write another cookbook, all cookies!

I cannot wait. Cookies are my favorite! (Oddly, Sally’s baking blog hooked me on smoothies. I make one at least three days a week, and my skin has a lovely glow as a result.)

Chocolate chip cookie dough. Yes, I put too much flour in at once and it flew everywhere. Happens every single time.
Pecans, chocolate chunks from Trader Joe’s and plain chocolate chips from CostCo.
I cool my cookies way up high with the plates because I have a yellow Labrador Retriever that occasionally makes bad choices.
Do you see why everyone at dog training likes me the best?

Finally, cookbook signing time. My sister and I rushed to the front of the line. I told Sally how useful I found her Blogging Resources. She asked if I planned to start a blog. So I told her about Kinsey and The Superdog Blog. She told me how much she loves dogs. (Which I knew because I follow her on Instagram.) The next day I thanked her on Instagram and SHE REPLIED AND STARTED FOLLOWING ME. She even LIKED ONE OF MY PICTURES.

Deep breathing. Calm thoughts.

Like I told my sister. We’re going to be best friends. 🙂

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